Anthony Collins Solicitors expects all agencies to adhere to the following protocol. Any CVs submitted outside of this protocol will not be accepted.

  1. Agencies are to not send CVs, discuss the role, or approach candidates on our behalf for two weeks following the placement of an advert on our website or on any other form of media.
  2. Agencies are to not advertise the role on our behalf.
  3. Agencies are to only submit CVs via the website once approved by Anthony Collins Solicitors to do so and an online account is created for them.
  4. Agencies may be contacted directly by the HR department for help in recruiting for particular vacancies. If this occurs, agencies will be notified by email or telephone.
  5. All candidate applications must be submitted directly to HR via the website and not to partners or line managers within the firm.
  6. Agencies must not submit details of candidates without their consent.
  7. Agencies should interview face-to-face before submitting candidate details. Where this is not feasible, a thorough telephone interview will be acceptable.
  8. A direct application from a candidate will be given preference to that received from an agency.
  9. Where Anthony Collins Solicitors receives the CV of the same candidate from more than one agency, they will accept the CV from the agency which sent it first.
  10. Anthony Collins Solicitors requests that agencies do not ‘cold call’ or send generic emails that do not contain reference to a specific vacancy.
  11. Anthony Collins Solicitors requires all agencies to comply with equal opportunities legislation.
  12. All candidate details supplied will be stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998
  13. Agencies are to provide written confirmation of their terms and conditions including fees to Anthony Collins Solicitors prior to the submission of any suitable candidates. They will notify Anthony Collins Solicitors in writing of any changes to their terms of business giving a minimum of four weeks’ notice.

If there is any conflict between these protocol terms and the terms and conditions of an agency, these protocol terms will prevail.

Contact our HR team

If you'd like more information, please contact our HR directly here.

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