My role

I am currently a Legal Assistant within the Governance and Commercial team. I have been working closely with solicitors within the firm to expand our expertise and influence in environmental law. I will be starting as a trainee in 2020 and hope to continue my work in environmental law.

My experience

I have a degree in Environmental Studies from the University of Toronto, from which I went on to complete my LLB at the University of Birmingham. During my time in Birmingham, I was the lead on a joint research project with the University of Illinois, focusing on biodiversity initiatives within the EU ETS, as well as being the coordinator of the Environmental Law Matters (ELM) pro bono group.

My specialisms

  • Environmental law
Trading companies – fit for purpose?
Trading companies – fit for purpose?

Many local authorities have assessed that a trading subsidiary or trading structure could be beneficial as part of generating income or the service delivery matrix.

Contract management pitfalls – payment
Contract management pitfalls – payment

In the second part of our series on contract management pitfalls, we look at the risks and opportunities presented by payment mechanisms in construction contracts.

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