My role

I lead a team of lawyers working with clients within specialist sectors to resolve difficulties arising from construction and maintenance issues and public procurement processes. I am also Compliance Officer for Legal Practice for our firm which is a role I fulfil for our regulator. In addition I am an experienced commercial mediator and I carry out mediations for parties in dispute and also train clients in mediation skills.

My experience

I have over 30 years’ experience of helping clients to manage legal disputes within specialist sectors. I have a national reputation for resolving public procurement disputes and my team has been involved in some of the leading cases in this area. I have spoken at high profile conferences and written articles and thought pieces to assist clients in managing and avoiding construction and public procurement disputes. I am ranked as a “notable practitioner” by Chambers 2015 for Construction. Sources note that I am “excellent at providing reassurance" during disputes.


My specialisms

  • Resolving construction disputes
  • Managing public procurement difficulties
  • Mediation
  • Training in managing legal risks
Is £400m enough?

The government announced on 16 May that it will provide a fund of £400m to cover the costs of removal and replacement of cladding to high rise residential blocks which have failed tests.

Planning for the unthinkable
Planning for the unthinkable

Carillion’s liquidation – immediate steps to take It is too early to know how this will all play out. In the meantime, many of our clients will have concerns from this decision and we plan to issue further briefings as this sorry tale unfolds.

Are you pouring good money after bad?
Are you pouring good money after bad?

When contractors carry out works or services in a defective manner; the dilemma is how to recover remedial costs without throwing good money after bad?

Top construction and procurement tips for 2017
Top construction and procurement tips for 2017

1. Review your standard documentation Standard Forms of Contract You will hopefully be aware of the changes that were published for some forms in 2016, so you should review your standard forms of contract to make sure you are using the updated versions.

A procurement case study; missing documents can be costly!

But what happens when a tenderer is sent the Standstill letter and the scores that they have received appear to be inconsistent with the evaluation and scoring criteria? We have been involved in a case recently where a major social care provider had taken part in a public procurement exercise and had been successful at PQQ stage.

Commissioning with Care

The light-touch regime in brief The new regime applies where commissioners have a requirement for over £625,050 of health or social services. This will probably catch most frameworks and contracts for health and social care.

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