My role

I am a senior associate in the pensions and employment team. I work across all of our sectors specialising in strategic advice for health and social care providers and housing organisations. I advise on all aspects of employment law and have a particular interest in supporting clients with complex technical issues providing practical and solution-focused advice.


My experience

I have substantial experience in providing complex technical advice regularly helping clients with issues around the application of TUPE; the National Minimum Wage; Working Time Regulations;  restructures and changes to terms and conditions and complex whistleblowing matters. I enjoy working with clients on successfully implementing new working arrangements, and my recent experience includes supporting pay restructures and advising on complex holiday pay and rest break arrangements.

My specialisms

  • Employee relations issues
  • Change programmes
  • National Minimum Wage
  • TUPE
Compensatory rest – equivalent not identical

The case of Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd v Crawford [2019] EWCA Civil 269 will not win awards for excitement but is useful guidance when dealing with workers’ rest periods under the WTR 1998.

Working Time Regulations and ‘compensatory rest’
Working Time Regulations and ‘compensatory rest’

Under the Working Time Regulations (WTR) a worker is entitled to a 20 minute rest break away from their workstation if their daily working time exceeds six hours. However, there are limited circumstan

Joint employment relationships and VAT
Joint employment relationships and VAT

Under the terms of a service level agreement (SLA) Agilisys Contact Services Limited (“Agilisys”) recharged InHealth (London) Limited (“In-Health”) remuneration it paid to individuals jointly employed

The National Living Wage has arrived!
The National Living Wage has arrived!

When does it apply from? The calculation date for the applicable rate of pay for each pay reference period is the first day in the pay reference period.

National Minimum Wage Myths Busted

Misconception 1: Following the European Court of Justice case of Tyco, my care workers are entitled to be paid for the time they spend travelling from home to their first appointment and from their last appointment back home.

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