My role

I’m a partner who plays a leading role in our work with local authorities, housing associations and businesses, in transforming services for the public and meeting the many challenges in society. I am training principal for the firm, responsible for the care of our trainee solicitors and the recruitment and retention of talented people wishing to join their ranks.

My experience

For over 25 years I have advised on working together across the public, private and civil society sectors. I provide strategic advice on models for transforming public services and believe in the ability of those on the ground to make the difference in their neighbourhoods. I am an expert in making social value a core feature in public services.

My specialisms

  • Public procurement and state aid
  • Local government and public law
  • Company and commercial law
  • Enabling innovation and making connections
What does the Autumn Statement mean for infrastructure?
What does the Autumn Statement mean for infrastructure?

The Chancellor didn’t tell us much more than we already knew about the new Government’s plans for infrastructure over this Parliament and it seems that the Government isn't entirely sure about how infrastructure investment will be spent over the next five years.

Theresa May rules, UK?

I wrote a short piece after the Scottish independence referendum in which I made the case for “A United Kingdom Act” to describe what binds us together.

The West Midlands Combined Authority: a promising start

  The diamond: this is not just about seven metropolitan unitary councils getting together but the scope for expansion to, and development in, a wider area of local authorities currently covered by three Local Enterprise Partnerships.

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